Detour’s Disclaimer: 
Detour acts only as an agent for the various independent suppliers that provide hotel accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, activities, or other services connected with this tour. Such services are subject to the terms and conditions of those suppliers. Detour, LLC and their respective employees, agents, representatives, and assigns accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or any other incident which may be caused by the negligence, defect, default of any company or person in performing these services. Responsibility is not accepted for losses, injury, damages or expenses of any kind due to sickness, weather, strikes, hostilities, wars, terrorist acts, acts of nature, local laws, or other such causes. All services and accommodations are subject to the laws and regulations of the country in which they are provided. Detour, LLC is not responsible for any baggage or personal effects of any individual participating in the tours /trips arranged by Detour, LLC. Individual travelers are responsible for purchasing a travel insurance policy, if desired, that will cover some of the expenses associated with the loss of luggage or personal effects.

If you cancel the trip at any point after confirmation, you will forfeit a $100 per person handling fee to Detour. This is separate and in addition to the fees, deposits, and payments potentially owed to the tour operator (see information below).

Trip Changes:
If you decide to make any changes to your trip (changes to your itinerary, travel dates, tours, or accommodations) after it is booked, you will incur a $50 change fee per person, per change.  Unavoidable changes (such as those imposed by an international flight schedule change) will not incur this fee.  Adding on services before or after your confirmed tour will not incur this fee.

Rate Changes to Domestic Flights, Park Entrance Fees, Government Taxes and Fuel Surcharges: 

The rates for all these items are subject to change at any point and these fees or fee changes can be imposed on any trip, even after a trip has been confirmed and paid for in full.  These rate changes are beyond the control of Detour or our local operating partners.  Oftentimes, these changes are imposed by government decree and take effect immediately.  While this is a rare occurrence and the rate changes themselves are typically quite small, these changes are unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable.  Travelers are responsible for any additional costs or fees due to these rate changes, even after the trip is paid in full.

Checking Your Passport Expiration Date: 
Some governments, notably Ecuador’s and Peru’s, require that your passport is valid for at least six months after you depart the country. Other countries require your passport to be valid for three months after you depart the country.  

It is your responsibility as a traveler to check the entry/exit regulations of the country you are traveling to and to check our passport expiration date to ensure it is valid for your dates of travel.

Passports and Traveler Details: 

Passengers are responsible for sending up-to-date and correct information that is requested in the “Trip Reservation Form.”  If any of those details change, it is the passenger’s responsibility to notify Detour of the change before the trip departure.  If you need to renew your passport prior to your trip, you must notify Detour that you will be renewing your passport and you will have to email a scanned copy of both your old and new passports to Detour.  Additionally, you will have to bring both passports with you on your trip. Please make sure that you request to receive your old passport at the start of the renewal process.

Airport Transfers:  
Airport transfer rates are based on group size with the assumption that all travelers will be taking the same transfer.  If some travelers in your personal group arrive or depart on different days or at different times, additional airport transfers will have to be booked and the passenger is responsible for this additional cost.



Terms and Conditions for the Salkantay Trek, Lares Lodge to Lodge Adventure, and Yoga & Wellness Experience Group Departures

CANCELLATIONS: Mountain Lodges of Peru (MLP) requires notification of cancellations in writing, by email or fax. The following cancellation fees apply:

  • 60+ days prior to trip start date: US$ 500.00 per person is not refundable.
  • 59 to 30 days prior to trip start date: 25% of the total trip cost.
  • 29 days or less prior to trip start date: 100% of the total trip cost.

TRANSFER FEE: Transferring From One Departure Date To Another:

  • For bookings in 2021 for travel in 2021 or 2022: Free up to 30 days prior to departure date.
  • Regular Fees:
    • 60+ days prior to trip start date: US$ 250.00 per person
    • 59 to 30 days prior to trip start date: 25% of the total trip cost
    • 29 days or less prior to trip start date: 50% of the total trip cost


  • It is not necessary to specify a future departure date upon requesting a date transfer. 
  • Any planning fees paid in 2020 will be completely transferrable to future bookings within 12 months of the initial date of departure. If you are not sure if you will travel by then, we will send you a credit voucher that can be used against any MLP trip in the next two years. This credit is transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Price of the trips remains the same / no additional charges for season change or increase in other travel services included (train, entry permits to archeological sites, etc.). If you book your trip but decide to postpone for up to one year, wi’ll maintain the same prices we quoted when you first confirmed your journey. That means, if prices rise int he subsequent period before you travel, we will make up the difference. 

TRAVEL INSURANCE: MLP trips include adventure travel activity in remote areas and thus, comes with inherent risks. In order to provide a safe experience for everyone, we kindly request that each guest present valid proof of medical insurance. Please take care when assessing and/or purchasing your insurance policy to ensure that it includes, at minimum, coverage for emergency medical treatment and evacuation during adventure travel activities.

The following information is REQUIRED at least 60 days prior to trip start date: 

  • Name of insurance company and name of specific policy (if applicable)
  • Coverage registration number or code
  • 24hr emergency telephone numbers provided by the insurance company 

In the event that a guest does not provide proof of insurance prior to departure, Mountain Lodges of Peru will automatically add $10/day to your invoice to secure coverage through our partner BUPA GLOBAL TRAVEL – a member of the BUPA Group. The full terms of coverage of the mentioned policy can be found at https://global.ihi.com/travel+insurance/single+trip/cover.aspx

Terms and Conditions for Other Services: Accommodations in Cusco, day tours, airport transfers, etc. 


  • Until 70 days prior to trip start date: No charge
  • 69 – 30 days prior to trip start date: 25% of the total trip cost
  • 29 days or less prior to trip start date: 100% of the total trip cost.

NOTE: Special Terms and Conditions apply to the cruises, certain hotels and travel services during high season or holiday time. Your Travel Specialist will advise of specific reservations and cancellation terms