Do’s and Don’ts of Splurging on the Inca Trail

While trekking the Inca Trail is a trip of a lifetime, it doesn’t mean you should blow your entire life savings on one adventure. Here’s some tips to keep in mind about when to upgrade and when to pinch pennies when planning your Inca Trail trek. DO . . . . Splurge on getting a […]

Galapagos Cruise: New Itineraries for 2011

In an effort to mitigate the negative effects of tourism in the Galapagos, the National Park has decided to enforce new restrictions on cruises.  Specifically, this means that four-day itineraries will not be offered any longer and vessels will operate with 15 day itineraries.  Those 15-day itineraries will be split up into shorter itineraries, but […]

Awesome alternatives to Machu Picchu: Spring 2010

The recent floods in southern Peru, which affected the Cusco and Machu Picchu regions, reminded us here at Detour of the inherently unpredictable nature of travel.  This is truly a tragic event, but it’s not the time to cancel an upcoming trip to Peru.  Our local operators, PeruRail, and local airlines are helping passengers re-organize […]

Heavy Rains in Cusco and Machu Picchu

Days of heavy rains in the Cusco and Machu Picchu region of Peru have stranded tourists and caused over 40 landslides.  The railway connecting Machu Picchu to Cusco was blocked by one slide and workers have been busy clearing the debris.  Rivers have also been overflowing, resulting in widespread crop damage. The Peru government has […]

Why hike the Lares Valley (and still see Machu Picchu)

If you’re looking for an beautiful and rewarding trek in Peru, we’ve got the perfect answer for you: trekking the Lares Valley.  It’s another alternative trek to the traditional Inca Trail, but it’s not filled with low-quality operators leading massive groups as you’d find on the Apu Salkantay.  We hope to preserve the quality of […]

Traveling without an I-Pod (gasp!)

I-pods were made for travelers; it seems like a crime to leave these innovative, tiny, endlessly entertaining devices at home when you journey overseas. While bopping my head on a recent flight, I gazed down my beloved I-pod and wondered if my little 2-ounce musical baby might hinder my upcoming experience. Ten years ago, portable […]

Best Islands in the Galapagos: Fernandina

Number Two:  FERNANDINA Fernandina is the westernmost island in the Galapagos and is one of the most volcanically active.  The proximity to Isabela Island makes for a startling contrast of Fernandina’s almost barren black surface, the shimmering blue ocean and Isabela’s verdant green volcanoes rising in the distance.  Fernandina is also famous for its abundance […]

Torres del Paine in September

Traveling to Patagonia in spring used to be a ridiculous idea.  Not only would you have to deal with the snow and infamous bad weather, but all the lodges would remain closed until the official tourist season (summer).  But my recent adventure in Torres del Paine proved to me that Spring is actually a great […]

Choosing an alternative trek to Machu Picchu

For one reason or another, you’re not hiking THE Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; maybe the permits sold out, your travel dates aren’t flexible enough, or you want to do something a little more interesting. While the good news is that there are a lot of options for alternative treks in the area, that’s also […]

Snorkeling: Do I need a wetsuit on a Galapagos Islands Tour?

There’s more to the Galapagos Islands than finches and tortoises found on land; the animals you find underwater are likely to be some of your trip favorites. Snorkeling is usually a big part of any Galapagos Islands tour, and having the proper stuff can really help you enjoy this aspect of your trip. Most Galapagos […]

5 Awesome Trips in Peru – More Than Just Machu Picchu

Want to get off the beaten-path in Peru? Don’t worry, you can always squeeze in a quick visit to Machu Picchu (really, it can be done in just a day). When there’s so much to see in Peru, you’ll wonder why most people don’t venture stray far from the Inca Trail. Here are five trips […]

Peruvian Amazon spared from environmental destruction

The Peruvian Amazon has been spared this month from massive environmental damage, thanks to the public outcry and protests of brave Peruvians. From the New York Times: “Peru’s Congress on Thursday overturned two decrees by President Alan García that were aimed at opening large areas of the Peruvian Amazon to logging, dams and oil drilling […]

Tips on choosing your South American trek

With summer here, you’re probably breaking in your new hiking boots and dreaming about where to take your next adventure. Of course, planning any international trekking adventure takes a bit of perseverance but it shouldn’t be harder than the hike itself. Make it a bit easier for yourself by following these tips from Detour: 1. […]


“The Ecuadorian Geophysics Institute informs that La Cumbre volcano on Fernandina Island in the Galapagos has started a new eruptive process. The island-volcano – 1476 meters high- is not inhabited and located 90 Kms. to the northwest of Puerto Villamil the closest village on Isabela Island, so there is no danger for the human population. […]

Pacuare River Obtains Ecological Blue Flag

Detour has received a great update from Aventuras Naturales in Costa Rica about their latest achievement in sustainability. Aventuras Naturales is a Costan Rican company which has received international recognition for its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism: “We are very proud to announce that the Pacuare River recently received the highest rating from the […]

Trip Report: Manizales, the coffee region, Colombia

February 23: We arrived in Manizales yesterday and everyone quickly piled on their layers as soon as we hit the tarmac. It´s obvious that we´ve become accustomed to the warm climate of Colombia because the `coldest place in the country´ has us shivering- despite being a normally comfortable 60 F. This is part of the […]

Hybrid Galapagos Cruise on the M/Y Eric

Hybrid technology is showing up everywhere and now it’s in the Galapagos Islands. In November, the M/Y Eric (part of the M/Y Eric, Letty, and Flamingo I fleet operated by Ecoventura) became the first hybrid boat in the Islands . In October 2008, 40 solar panels and 2 wind generators were installed on the Eric. […]

Migration Control Cards needed to visit the Galapagos Islands

ENTRY CARDS TO PROTECT THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS The Galapagos National Institute (INGALA) started a trial period to begin issuing a special entry card to the Galapagos, aimed to protect the islands. Earlier this year, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced that the Galapagos Islands are at risk and declared that the archipelago’s conservation and environment management […]

Green Living Ideas interviews Detour about Sustainable Travel

Denver, CO – August 29, 2007- Green Living Ideas and Detour, the Adventure Travel Marketplace ( have partnered together in an effort to publicize information about sustainable, socially responsible travel. On the Green Living Ideas podcast, released on August 16th, Detour Founder, Greg Findley, discusses the history and new directions of sustainable travel with Green […] names Detour "Model for Sustainable Business"

Detour has been recognized by as a leader in the sustainable business movement. We are honored by their endorsement and appreciation for our sustainability efforts. is one of the highest recommended carbon-offset organizations in the world. They help individuals and companies off-set their carbon by contributing to projects in reforestation, renewable energy, and […]

San Cristobal Airport Re-Opening

The San Cristobal airport in the Galapagos Islands is now scheduled (tentatively) to re-open on August 18th, 2007. The airport, located on San Cristobal Island in the southern part of the archipelago, has been under renovation since Spring this year. While the airport is closed, all flights use the Baltra aiport and Galapagos cruise itineraries […]