South America: What’s a Tall Person to Do?

Okay, so there’s still plenty you can do. But there are some quirky size constraints that can come up — mostly in regards to outfitting. For instance, a recent client visiting the Galapagos had to cram his size 12 feet into size 10 boots — the largest boot size offered — while hiking around muddy […]

Train To Aguas Calientes To Run End of March

InkaNatura Travel sends an update on access to Machu Picchu: Peru Rail, operator of the train from Cusco to Aguas Calientes, declared that the train service will be restarting its operation from March 29 in two different stages described below: Stage 1: Staring March 29 The operation is effected only with cars such AUTOVAGON. The […]

International Calling: Ways To Get In Touch While Abroad

Whether you’re leaving the kids behind for the first time or you’re an independent world traveler, its a good idea to know your resources for getting in touch once in country. First and foremost, international calls follow a set pattern: International calling prefix or exit code (to establish an international connection) + country code + […]

Machu Picchu To Open – End of March

Metropolitan Touring Update: ETRANSA, the company in charge of repairing the damaged railway segments between the Sacred Valley (Ollantaytambo) and Machu Picchu, issued a statement announcing that works along the Piscacucho – Machu Picchu railroad are going on as planned and that they expect to have trains running by March 29, 2010. This is some […]

Galapagos Islands: Tsunami Alert Just a Precaution

Update from Metropolitan Touring The Galapagos Islands – A tsunami alert was issued by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) on Saturday, February 27th morning for all of the Pacific Ocean as a response to the strong earthquake that hit Chile. Vessels temporarily broke from their scheduled itineraries until the PTWC confirmed that there was […]

Natural Disasters: The Best Way to Send Help

Floods in Machu Picchu, earthquakes in Chile – want to know the best way help out… don’t change your travel plans. Beyond the eye of environmental wreckage, these natural disasters can wreak havoc on regional and even national economies as tourism often plays a critical role in sustaining economic development. Just the other day, speaking […]

Santiago Flight Update

Metropolitan Touring sends an update for Santiago airport. A contingency plan is in place. The first phase, from March 3 – 5, institutes the use of a tent for departing passengers. Gradually, domestic flights will depart from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and international flights will depart from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM. All international […]

Chile's Earthquake – Tourism Update

Metropolitan Touring sends an update of the situation in Chile. The worst damages were accrued in the Bio Bio Region (515 km south of Santiago) near the city of Concepcion. “Chile’s solid infrastucture, strict building laws and long-history dealing with seismic activity has prevented the country from a major catastrophe.” Yet, Santiago did experience effects […]

Who Is Your Porter?

Last week Detour watched “Mi Chacra,” a documentary set in a small farming village in southern Peru. The film follows one man from planting season to harvest, and depicts some of his time as a porter on the Inca Trail. Captivated more by the beauty of this man’s life than the stunning footage of all […]

Mountain Bike Peru

Amazonas Explorer débuts two new mountain biking expeditions: Single Track Heaven & Back Roads of the Andes! I recently snagged myself a Rocky Mountain Fusion – my first ever mountain bike. Not the most fancy bike on the market, but definitely the nicest thing I’ve ever owned…  a very satisfying check off the “needed gear” […]

Latin Trails Receives Smart Voyager Certification for Their Journey I Catamaran

Latin Trails – tour operator in the Galapagos, receives Smart Voyager Certification for their luxury class catamaran the Galapagos Journey I. The Smart Voyager program was initiated by the Ecuadorian citizen’s group, Conservación y Desarrollo in collaboration with their partner, Rainforest Alliance, to credit operations (mainly hotels and Galapagos tour boats) that meet a set […]

Official Statement From Peru Rail: Machu Picchu Access

Ferrocarril Transandiono FETRASA is the company in charge of the railroad to Machu Picchu maintenance. They have sent a statement reiterating that they have started reconstruction of the railroad and time-lining progress: 1. The trans Hydroelectrica – Machu Picchu route is estimated to be open around the 17th or 18th of February (*) 2. The […]

Cusco & Peru Continue to Welcome Tourists

Metropolitan Touring sent us the official statement released by PomPeru — the promotional institution for tourism and exports in Peru — giving an update on the current status of Machu Picchu. San Isidro, February 3 – After the successful evacuation operation of all tourists staying in Machu Picchu Town (formerly Aguas Calientes) after the intense […]

Proposed Dam in Chile’s Region XI (Patagonia) Delayed… For Now

HidroAysén – a $3.2 billion dollar energy project that would develop five hydroelectric dams on Baker and Pascua Rivers in Chile’s Patagonia area, delayed its official response to the thousands of questions concerning this controversial project until June 30, 2010. The Italian owned company, Endesa, and its Chilean associate Colbun, were first stalled in November […]

AeroGal Now Offers Flights From New York to Ecuador

Ecoventura lets us know that Aerogal, the Quito-based airliner, will now offer flights from New York to Guayaquil and on to Quito, bringing the East Coast of the United States closer to all Quito has to offer. The Boeing 767 plane will fly daily. Flights from Quito will leave at 12:45 p.m. — stop in […]

Ecoventura Adds Local, Organic Foods to Menu

Ecoventura, operator of the Eric, Letty and Flamingo & Sky Dancer yachts, introduces new, healthier menus with an emphasis on local, organic foods! Ecoventura’s trained chefs have introduced a healthy, reduced calorie dining menu built around natural and organic foods, and perhaps most importantly –  purchased from local island farmers. The new menu has increased […]

Galapagos: What to Expect in January & February

In February warm temperatures create pleasant water conditions – the highest water temperature reaches 22C (77F). This temperature will remain constant until April. Flamingos on Floreana Island start to nest, as do the marine iguanas of Santa Cruz Island. The Bahama pintail ducks (black-tailed pintail) launch into their breeding season as the Nazca (masked) boobies […]

Guayaquil Airport Departure Tax Increases

The  Airport Departure Tax for international flights out of the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Internacional Airport of Guayaquil has increased to US $28.27. This is effective immediately. There is no change in the Airport Departure Tax from the International Mariscal Sucre Airport in Quito, which remains at US $40.80.