Quick Galapagos Adventure


You will have a complete Galapagos Islands’ experience and see the iconic species on this quick adventure that explores Santa Cruz, Isabela, and South Plazas Islands. Upon arrival to the Galapagos you will immediately get to the know the famous Galapagos wildlife as you go on a kayaking / Stand Up Paddleboarding / Snorkeling excursion straight from the airport. You then will spend 2 nights in a private tortoise reserve in the Santa Cruz highlands, and two nights in a beach front hotel on idyllic Isabela Island, known as a “mini-Galapagos” for its abundance of wildlife and species.

Trip Length:
 5 Days
Destination: Santa Cruz, South Plaza, and Isabela Islands
: Permanent tented camp in a private tortoise reserve, and beach front hotel
 Wildlife viewing, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding