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Ecuador's Amazon Basin is easy to reach from Quito, either by a short flight to Coca followed by a boat ride down the Napo River or by a half-day drive to the cloud forest and a flight on a small aircraft over the unbroken forest canopy.  Ecuadorian Amazon trips run from 3-7 days, with 4 and 5 day trips the most common. All transportation to and from Quito to the Amazon can be included by the local tour operator.

Euadorian Amazon trips are mostly either wildlife-based lodges, or cultural lodges; in the latter much of the experience is interacting with local Amazon tribes people who share their lives and understanding of their jungle home with you. Many of the lodges we work with are owned by local tribes, and the existence of the lodges is helping to preserve huge tracts of the Amazon Basin, as well as helping to preserve the local culture and way of life for the local people.