Is quality medical care available in Belize?

In an emergency dial 911. There are excellent hospitals in certain areas of Belize. Clinics are spread throughout the country but are not equipped for certain emergencies and may not have an English speaking doctor.

Is the water safe to drink?

The tap water is generally not safe to drink in Belize. Bottled water is readily available at tourist sites, hotels, and restaurants. Don’t forget to use bottled water when brushing your teeth as well.  Ice is not always made with boiled/ bottled water. Order your beverages without ice or ask your tour leader if the […]

What immunizations are recommended/ required?

No immunizations are currently required for visiting Belize. Hepatitis A and Typhoid are recommended. Medications to prevent malaria are also recommended, though some travelers opt not to take them. For the most current information, please consult your doctor and/or check out the Center for Disease Control’s page on Traveler’s Health in Belize.